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Sunnyside for Baby Fiona

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

A long time friend of mine has just had a baby, and I left a special delivery at their door tonight.  Baby Fiona is going to have plenty of woolies to wear as she gets bigger–my mother and grandmother have also knit a sweater and a bonnet–that’s 3 generations of knitters who love this baby before they even meet her.  A quick ravelry search led me to this darling little sweater (Sunnyside) and I knew that it would be just the thing to knit.  What’s best was that I had yarn in my stash that was just waiting to be turned into such a cute little sweater.

sunnyside sweaterSunnyside has all the criteria of a great project.

  1. It has no seams to sew up: top down raglan sweaters are great for this!  The sleeves are knit afterwards on DPNs, and the button band is knit into the body of the sweater not as an afterthought.
  2. It is a useful garment: cardigans are easy to put onto babies, and for a new mom this will probably be important!
  3. It is interesting to knit: the cables down the front and along the raglan, keep things fun.  It makes the sweater look unique too.
  4. There is no ribbing: I hate ribbing!  Substantial garter stitch borders at the neck, button band, bottom edge and sleeves make fine edging that doesn’t roll.
  5. This sweater necessitates an excursion to select the perfect buttons.  I brought the sweater to Fabricland and spent a good 30 minutes trying different button combinations
  6. It is a free pattern! (available here)

sunnysideThere are two options presented in the pattern.  This one has cables–the other one has a picot edging and lace detail where the cables are.

My only modification to the pattern is something that I always do on button up sweaters.  I have always worked button holes on each side of the sweater.  Some people have asked me if I sew buttons on one side if its for a girl or the other if its for a boy.  My answer is much more simple than that.  It doesn’t really matter to me (or to the baby for that matter) which side the buttons are on.  I use the holes as guides for sewing the buttons in place so that they’ll line up with the holes properly!

With the current heat wave, it’s hard to imagine that anyone will ever wear wool again!  I’m sure though that in 6-9 months little Fiona will grow into this sweater and it will keep her warm and cozy in the winter.

FO: Cozy Hat

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

My grandmother, the knitting matriarch of the family, turned 95 today.  The family gathered to celebrate with cake and ice cream and champagne.

My mom made a delicious banana cake garnished with chocolate coated strawberries.  It was quite an elegant dessert party.

I brought my newest finished project to show and tell after dessert.  My handspun blue/green/purple yarn has now become a hat.  It’s a one-of-a-kind toque that will warm the head of a friend of mine this winter.

It is soft, stretchy and long enough to keep ears toasty warm.  I am very pleased with how the blue-green and blue-purple colourways have blended together to form waves and strata of colours.  Cables are almost lost in the stripes…but I needed the cables to keep me interested, and to add elasticity.

This hat has many hours of love and care spun into the yarn, and knit into the stitches.  I hope it brings much warmth and comfort to the wearer all winter long.


Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

This is the music of my teenaged years.

This song, Beati Quorum Via by Charles Villiers Stanford is one that immediately brings me back to being a member of the Cantabile Youth Choir on tour in England.  I close my eyes and can still imagine all faces and all the places that meant so much to me.  This was the music that we’d spontaneously sing on the bus across the British countryside, and inside some of the most glorious cathedrals along our way.

Yorkminster Cathedral

Memories have flooded back today, for many reasons, but some of the happier memories returned thanks to this song.  For yet again, in July, we’re embarking on a tour of England and Scotland with Cantabile (the adult choirs this time), and I find myself once more lucky enough to sing evensong at Yorkminster Cathedral.

Today was spent remembering, and singing, while on our choir retreat at Rideau Acres.  We learned lots of  music for the upcoming season and tour….here’s my new favourite Requiem by Eliza Gilkyson arranged by Craig Hella Johnson.  It’s simple, but carries so much emotion in both words and harmonies.

During our breaks we walked around and got to enjoy the changing colours, and get chased by a few geese.

I was able to knit a few rows on my hat too.  Little by little progress is being made.

What music brings back memories for you?

Photos of Fall

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Isn’t fall wonderful when the sun shines?

Turning leaves….

….interesting fungus both big…

…and small…


….bushels of apples….


….cloud filled skies with the sun streaming through.

I’ve been inspired to start knitting a hat.

It’s a top down beanie, and the pattern is inventing itself as I go.  I’m loving how the nightgreens/nightviolets handspun yarn that I finished a while ago looks when it is knit up.

Cottage Knitting

Monday, July 19th, 2010

There’s nothing like eating watermelon with feet dangling off the dock, toes dipping in the water, listening to the loons call from a distant corner of the lake.

I’ve taken a few days away from the computer to sit in the woods, by the water, and enjoy the company of family.

My knitting came with me.  I picked up a ball of brown Life DK from Wool-Tyme.  This yarn is such a joy to work with. It feels like wool, it has a nice shine and softness to it, the brown colour has glints of green, blue, pink, orange in it–it will coordinate with many outfits, and it is completely machine washable–something VERY important for baby clothes. It is the same brand of yarn that I made the Eilidh sweater from.

I’m working on a little sweater for a friend who has just had a baby girl.  Making up the pattern as you go is such fun, but you have to be sure to either keep notes, or finish it fast so you remember what you did in previous rows.  I’m trying the “finish it fast” approach.  The ends got sewn by Monday morning!

front view

back view

I really like how the neck turned out, the cables continue from the front and back, framing the neck, and meeting up along the shoulder.  I think I might incorporate these ideas into other projects.  What is best (in my opinion) is that I did not have to sew ANYTHING!  There are no stitches picked up either!

front of neck

The body is knit from the bottom up, in the round.  The front and back are knit flat, but the shoulders are joined by a three needle bind off.  I like the look of the neck as it is, so I will not add any ribbed border.  The sleeve openings are also nicely defined by the seed stitch.

back of neck

I look forward to seeing this sweater in action.  I hope it could be a dress this fall, and a sweater next year.

A Hat Of A Different Colour

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I sent out a request for test knitters for the hat pattern I wrote up earlier in the week, but I think everyone was feeling a little opposed to knitting winter hats while it’s so hot!

It’s a challenge to proof-read a pattern without going through the steps all over again, so….voilà…another hat!  This time it is made with Lion Brand Cotton Ease, a lovely soft blend of cotton and acrylic.  It is light weight and has more drape than the wool version.  It’s machine washable too!

The pattern will be available as soon as I can get a few good photos of it in action.

Delirious From The Heat

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I knit a wool hat today.

It is close to 35 C with the humidity.  It’s the kind of heat that makes you want to go outside and lay on the grass under a sprinkler…if only we could have sprinklers.

This is the kind of heat that conjures up memories of being in a phone booth at noon in Kyoto in August.  It’s a sticky muggy heat when sweat seems to trickle at even the thought of moving.

And I knit a hat……I must be going crazy.

Now, to find someone crazy enough to model it….

Note:  The pattern will be coming soon, in case someone in the southern hemisphere feels like wearing wool.

Taking Baby Pictures

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Yesterday I met with Eilidh and her mom to take some pictures in the park to illustrate the “Eilidh” cabled vest pattern.  It was a lovely day, sunny and warm.  We found a spot in the shade, and got the wee one all dressed up, and sitting up.  Now, sitting up is new for her, and maybe she rolled a bit too far forward, squishing her stomach….or maybe she’d just been fed….but before any pictures could even be taken, she spit up down the front of the vest.

Thank goodness mommies always carry a bag full of wipey things.  We cleaned her up (you’d never know the vest was dirty in that picture!)….but she was really not into the whole modeling thing.  There were lots of pictures that look like this one!

Cuddles with mommy made it all better.

Funny thing is, when you take pictures of grown ups, you never have to worry about if they will spit up, or spontaneously cry when you get out the camera!  Thanks for being such a good sport Eilidh, and thanks to her mommy for letting her be a model!

What’s your craziest photo taking situation?

Pattern: Eilidh

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Download the .pdf for $5.00 CAD

Eilidh (Ay’-lee) is a Gaelic name that means LIGHT.

When my friend told me that she was choosing a Gaelic name for her little girl, I knew I needed to knit her something with lots of cables.

This celtic cabled vest will look charming on any little one, and could even be worn, over tights, as a dress by a very young girl.  Knit almost entirely in the round in double knitting weight yarn, this vest is quick to finish.  The cables are predictable, which is great for beginners, but each row is different enough to keep the expert entertained.

Here's Eilidh, who is just learning how to sit up!

The pattern is explained in row by row instructions, and also in chart form.

Download the .pdf pattern for $5.00 CAD

Thanks to Eilidh and her mom who met me in the park today for the pattern photo shoot, and thanks to Jean for test knitting this pattern and providing excellent feedback.

If you like this pattern, check out my others!

FO: Celtic Baby Jumper

Monday, March 8th, 2010

It was a very productive weekend.  Not only did I sing in a choir concert, but somehow time was also dedicated to this little sweater which is now just about completed!  It needs a few ends sewn in, and a good blocking, and it will be good to go.  I love the yarn Life DK; it feels like wool, but is a machine washable blend of 75% acrylic and 25% wool. In case you are wondering, this colour was 2346 “Mixtures Blue Haze”

This little sweater vest will fit a 2-3 year old, but in the mean time, it is long enough to be a sweater dress for a 6-9 month old.  I polled several mothers who agreed with my measurements and my logic.  Can’t you imagine a darling baby girl wearing this over tights?

I might just have to get another colour and test knit my pattern!  The entire sweater vest took less than 100g of yarn, and the pattern is only 90 rows, but each row is different from the last.

The pattern will be available later this spring.  If any patient knitter with an eye for detail would like to test knit the pattern, please contact me!