Mr. Mo Lar

A friend of mine has been struggling with a dental issue, and I was looking for some way to lift his spirits.  My usual go-to is baking, but for someone who can’t chew well right now, I searched a little further.


I found an adorable pattern for a tooth fairy pillow in the shape of a tooth.  The pattern was written to be knit flat, and also made a much larger tooth.  I cast on and knit a few rows then ripped it out because I was looking for something smaller.

My modifications were significant.  I knit two identical roots in the round, then joined them together to knit the body of the tooth.  I followed the basic premise for increases and decreases, stuffed it with some clean sheep’s wool (because I have more than 3 bags full), and embroidered a face.

There’s a wee pocket on the back of the tooth, so it can be used as a tooth fairy pillow when my friend’s son loses his baby teeth.