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A Matched Set

Friday, March 20th, 2015

I’ve been working on this ensemble for a while now.  It’s a combo of bonnet and sweater for the newborn baby of a former student I taught close to 10 years ago.

The sweater is Sweet baby sweater, knit from superwash sock yarn.  It was knit to match the bonnet, and it sort of does.  As usual for me, I just start knitting, and my projects tend to evolve without a great deal of planning.  I had fully intended to make a completely striped sweater, until I ran out of green….and then I realized that I didn’t have enough light grey to finish the body in that solid colour.  So, after an emergency trip to the yarn store, where I held he work in progress up against all other sock yarn and decided on charcoal as it’s close to grey, I finished up the sweater.

I had some trouble with the garter stitch edging flipping up.  In my research, reducing the stitch count by 10% before starting the edging keeps it flatter.  I tried it, and there was a slight improvement, but nothing permanent.  If you know of any miracle cures for a flipping garter stitch border please let me know.  I think I will stick to seed stitch in future.

In any case, I dropped off this ensemble today, and hope that it will keep baby Theo warm this spring.