So apparently I was Hacked!

I’m not sure why a hacker in Bangladesh cares about a tiny knitting blog, but there you have it, for a while my site looked like this.


It’s all good now thanks to my brother who hosts the site, and his tech support consultation.

Now for some knitting!

I made up this little sweater for the daughter of a woman I sing with. She doesn’t know a sweater is coming, and sometimes that’s the best kind of gift…completely and totally out of the blue, from someone that you wouldn’t expect.

I added some eyelets to the neck and hem edges of my basic top down raglan cardigan. The sleeves are knit plain to avoid getting tiny fingers caught in the holes. I happened to have enough buttons on hand so I didn’t have to venture out this weekend. These past 6 weeks have been very busy, so having a quiet weekend to knit, finish some projects, and get caught up on others was a very nice thing indeed.