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Baby pumpkin heads

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

My niece and nephew are now decked out in seasonal hats.

Hats are 60 sts worked in the round k5p1 and decreases at the top in green with an icord stem, and a curlicue added for effect.


The hats had to be lengthened today to be sure they cover their wee ears. To do this, I cast on 60 new stitches, worked 1 or 2 inches in pattern, and then kitchener stitched the live stitches to the first row of the hat, with the cast on edge on the inside of the hat.

The sweater is another one of my handknits, baby sophisticate. I’d make the body wider next time, it’s a bit of a long and narrow sweater, but it’s hard to know what proportions babies will be!

Always dye enough yarn

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

I have been working on this pair of fox and geese mitts for a while. I spun the green yarn in 2008 and overdyed it this fall. I handspun the brown yarn on my drop spindle. The fleece comes from the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair. They’ve been with me at school, and on the road for the past few weeks.

This was at Craig Kielberger’s speech at Queen’s this Friday. They were almost done (an inch of thumb left) when I ran out of the green yarn.

Since the mitts were long, by everyone’s estimation, I started cannibalizing one mitten to finish the other. I reduced the tip of each mitten by one fox and geese segment, and managed to get two matching mitts!

There’s even a foot of green to spare!

Hopefully these will be a well loved and appreciated gift this winter.

Socks for a superfan

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Here’s the socks I made ages ago for this crazy superfan. Good to see they’re still in use. Happy Homecoming!


For The Directionally Challenged

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

These mitts are inspired by a pair I saw on Ravelry.

They are knit for a girl who has had some difficulty telling left from right. Not only do the mitts have a letter on the back of each hand, they also have arrows on the palms that point in the correct direction.

The mitts were a bit small for me, but fit her perfectly.


They’re made from 100% wool, washed, carded, hand spun and dyed by me. I give gifts like this to people who can really appreciate them. This girl’s a knitter and wants to learn to spin too. I hope she wears these lots to keep warm and avoid getting lost this winter.