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Little flowers

Friday, March 14th, 2014

I really wish that we were starting to see little flowers popping up in gardens but this year we’ve just got snow. We have had snow since early December, and I am not the only one who is done with winter.

My latest spring project is this little beauty!


It’s a top down raglan sweater with a flower motif all over it. The end goal is to have a cardigan, but that much colourwork done flat would have been too much for me to handle. I knit it in the round, adding a few extra stitches in the middle of the front for a *gulp* steek. This is something I’ve heard about, read about, but never actually tried. You fasten the stitches by sewing or crocheting, and then you cut right down the middle, pick up stitches and keep going on the button band. It sounds interesting, but at this point it makes me a little nervous.

For now I’ll give it a bit of a soak, block it, weave in the ends, and admire the pretty flowers. Steeking can come later.

Knitting club

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Today I’m at knitting club. These are the benefits of March break…time to knit during the day!
I’m knitting with my aunt and her friends who are all at different stages in their knitting careers. Some are looking for projects to do

Others are mid project. This is going to be a boys sweater.


This is sleeve number one for a baby sweater. She knit the back twice, but hopes to knit the sleeves once each.

This little sweater is getting a zipper.

These are fingerless mitts that are just getting started.

We’re having lots of fun and enjoying tea, and avoiding the snow outside.

At least my knitting looks like spring!