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Knitting For Babies

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Now that I have some time to breathe and relax a bit after the robotics build season is over, I have been knitting a lot. It all started with a trip to Michael’s to get stickers to bedazzle safety glasses. After getting lots of cool stickers I wandered down to check out the yarn sales. What I beheld was rather astonishing, a sale on superwash wool, with a savings of 5-7 dollars a ball (price was 1.99$ for 50 grams). Knowing I’d have some time to watch the end of the Olympics, and veg a bit, I splurged and got quite a bag full. The friends that were with me had never seen such epic yarn consumption, and I am a bit nervous to tell them that in the span of a week I’ve gone through almost 600 grams of it!

It’s great to knit for wee ones since the projects are so cute, and they are finished relatively quickly!

Once I get ends sewn in and buttons on them I’ll take them out for a real photo shoot.


Above is a “garter yoke baby cardi” knit in LionBrand Baby Wool in the Alpine Meadow colourway. I think my gauge is off, and the sweater is a bit wider than anticipated, so I made it a bit longer to compensate.

The blue one is a “baby sophisticate” knit before really looking at the comments on Ravelry…the pattern is really narrow, and the next time I knit it, I’ll be sure to increase all the way to the arm openings. I added a bit of colourwork to keep things interesting. It’s long for the width, but maybe that’s fine.

The pink sweater, which is now complete is my first attempt at the “5 hour sweater”. I did the boy version, but in pink. I wanted to make some colourwork at the bottom, and thought that extra eyelets would detract from the wee hearts that I added to the bottom of the sweater and on the cuffs too.

If that’s not enough, I have cast on for another garment. I have been imagining something with an offset cable up the side. It may or may not end up with sleeves….that’s yet to be determined. I’m having a hard enough time following a pattern…maybe it will be less stressful to just let the yarn decide!