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Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

It’s finished just in time! Baby MacGregor has arrived, and his sweater’s now got buttons. I couldn’t decide between red ones and teal ones so I got them both! I think it’s a good compromise.

Best in show!

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

A friend had passed along a pattern book a while ago called “Best In Show” full of pattern for various breeds of dogs. I had never had any reason to knit a little dog until this year, when I became inspired to knit a border collie!

Lately I have fallen into the habit of starting and finishing projects in one marathon session–the luxury of summer holidays! This project was started one afternoon, and my intentions were to knit a leg or two and then take a break. One leg turned into two and then before I knew it I had 4 flat pieces ready to be sewn up and stuffed. Of course I was intrigued to see the legs take shape, so I put on a movie and started sewing and stuffing the tiny pieces. When they were done, the legs looked so sad just sitting on my coffee table that I just had to start knitting the body pieces. It was interesting to learn the “loopy stitch” which can be cut afterwards to create the fluffy belly and legs that are so typical of border collies.

Once the body was done, I couldn’t leave it headless! I put on a pot of tea and kept going into the wee hours of the morning making the head. If I recall, I slept as the sun was rising, and after a brief nap, I woke up and attached all the pieces, knit a quick tail and ears and then stitched on the eyes.


For my future reference, the white yarn is my handspun alpaca fingering weight, held double. The black is sock yarn held double, the stuffing is clean sheep fleece.

I know that he’s going to be going to a good home at Christmas. I’m glad that his future owner doesn’t know about my website, otherwise I’d have to keep this in the pile of secret Christmas knitting that’s been growing little by little over the past month.