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More complicated than anticipated

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Have you ever started knitting something on a whim, not really anticipating how it will turn out, how much yarn is required, or the amount of time it will require? I usually have a good sense about gauging what is required, specially for something that I have made before, like socks.

This project is something that just caught me off guard for some reason. It started last Friday night, with an incredible urge to knit a pair of socks for a new friend. This is where the weird begins…I usually only knit socks for myself, or for other knitters who will appreciate the thought and the time invested in the gift. Perhaps this new friend will need a knitting lesson in the near future.

The next weird was that I could only find one set of double pointed sock needles, and they were in use. I had half a sock (a second sock), that had slowed as I got into the ribbing at the cuff end. I know that I have more needles, but they were not to be found. So, with great haste, I finished knitting the first pair of socks, because that seemed to be the sensible thing to do.

These socks are knit from the March instalment of the Spunky Eclectic fibre club. The roving was 4 oz of Romney wool in the colourway “Lightning Strike”.

Once these were off the needles, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I cast on for the next pair of socks that I felt driven to make. The next weird was that I started to knit, from small balls of leftover yarn, which added up to way less than 50 g. I knit and knit, and ran out of yarn, so then I unraveled another sock experiment that was less than satisfactory. I rarely unravel old projects! This gave me enough yarn to knit up the long leg of one sock, and the toe of the second, in absolute record time might I add, this is a very tall knee sock that was completed by Sunday evening!

I hadn’t really been concerned with the second sock, or finding more yarn…I was just intent on the knitting. This pattern involved a new technique, slipped stitches to add vertical ridges to the pattern.

Unfortunately, I did run out of yarn, so I headed out on Monday afternoon, with a small sample, to KnitTrader’s of Kingston, my local yarn store, from which I must have bought the yarn originally. I didn’t have the ball band, but I deduced, by feel, that the yarn I was searching for was Sisu. Unfortunately, the colour was no longer in stock locally. I bought another colour of blue that was close but not quite right.

20130511-184003.jpg I thought it would be close enough, but in daylight, it’s really not close at all.

Then I started to search online for the right colour. I found that Sisu yarn is stocked by Wool Tyme in Ottawa, so on Monday night I ordered 2 balls of, what I hoped was, the right colour blue. Since shipping was equivalent to the yarn price, I decided it made more sense to buy more yarn to balance it out a bit…for some reason paying $9 for shipping on 7 balls of yarn is much more palatable than paying $9 for shipping on $10 of yarn. And sock yarn is always useful….right?

So yesterday the package arrived (only 4 days since it was ordered!) and I’ve already joined up the next ball of yarn. I’m debating the merits of knitting this evening instead of doing the work that I really should be doing. Maybe I’ll just get the heel turned and save the rest for later…but these socks seem to have a mind of their own…they warp time and space!

The good thing is that the socks are turning out exactly as planned. Their full awesomeness can’t be revealed yet, in case the pictures get leaked to the recipient. Does anyone out there recognize the pattern?