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Bartering Mittens for Leeks

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Earlier this month, while behind the scenes at a choir concert, I was busy working away on a pair of fox and geese mittens.  We need to keep quiet while we’re not on stage, and there’s nothing worse than sitting quietly doing nothing, so I usually make sure that I have a project with me to work on.  Most often, it’s mittens.  They’re so nice and portable.  long cuffs

Lately I’ve adapted the fox and geese pattern to make a more narrow longer cuff, and since I really don’t enjoy ribbing, I’ve been doing a Latvian braid at the cuff to prevent the mitten edge from rolling.

Latvian Braided cuff: cast on in main colour, join in the round.

Row 1: K1 MC, K1 CC around

Row 2: bring both working yarns to the front.  Purl 1 MC, P1 CC around (the colours line up with the colours from the row before), but always wrap the yarn in the same direction i.e. always take the next colour from underneath the other.  It will make the balls of yarn appear to get all snarled up, but do not untangle them, it will all be resolved in the next row.

Row 3: with both working yarns still at the front.  Purl 1 MC, P1 CC around (the colours line up still).  This time though, let the balls of yarn unwind themselves.  i.e. always take the next colour from on top of the other.  At the end of the row everything should reveal a nice neat braid, with 2 balls of yarn untangled.

Row 4: put working yarn to the back, and start the mitten pattern.

braided edge

Anyway, at this past concert, I was approached by a lovely lady who asked me who I was making the mittens for.  She suggested that they should be for someone who gives me leeks.  (She’s been providing my mom with squash and other veggies for the past few years, so I took the hint.)  I let her know that I was interested in that idea, but that I’d need recipes since I’d never cooked leeks before.

warm handsA few weeks later and she’s got mittens, and I’ve got leeks!  leeksI made a delicious leek and potato soup that I invented based loosely from recipes I found online.  It’s yummy!

3 peeled potatoes
2 leeks
1 soup cube
1 cup of skim milk
shredded mozzarella cheese

Peel and cut potatoes, cut leeks, and boil in water until cooked and mushy.  Add a soup cube and milk.  Blend with immersion blender.  Add garlic, and pepper.  Served warm with shredded cheese on top.

Somehow this soup seems extra wholesome since I know where the veggies came from.  I know they were raised with love.

Knitting Hats For My New Sisters

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

This past fall things have been busy around here.  It was family wedding season–my 2 brothers got married 5 weeks apart!  Amidst the excitement of hair-dos, fancy clothes, learning to walk in tall shoes, practicing readings, and lots of great food, I’ve been knitting hats.  If these hats look familiar, it’s because their originals have been blogged already!

hurricane hatThe Hurricane Hat that I made last year for sister-in-law #1, a hat that was cherished enough to appear in engagement photos, had a run-in with some gasoline (I’m still not exactly sure of the details) but in any case, the hat has never smelled the same since.  Lucky for all involved, there was still some of the same Cascade Ecological Wool in my stash.  The pattern knit up like a dream, nice and quick, just like the first time!

The second hat is for sister-in-law #2, it’s a replica of the “Those Could Be Mountains” hat that she modeled with my brother years ago.  It’s knit from the same ball of Cascade Ecological wool that I used for the hurricane hat.  I love that yarn since it is so soft and warm.  My brother is too sensitive to wear wool (or at least that is his claim), but this didn’t make him itchy immediately like most hats do.  I think he wore it for an hour before he started scratching.those could be mountains

I gave these hats to them as part of their wedding present.  They needed them for their wintery honeymoon in Quebec!