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Hat 62: a felted cowboy hat

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Is it possible to knit a cowboy hat?  That’s been a question bantered about our team for the past few weeks now.  One of our mentors always wears a cowboy hat….and we wanted to make him a hat that would suit his personal style.

After checking ravelry and seeing a few crocheted cowboy hats, we expanded the search elsewhere online and found this hat which is knit large and felted.


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My first stop was to get some Cascade 220 (I used 3 skeins), in our team colours, and cast on.  very large hatThis hat took about a day to create.  It is loosely knit on very large needles with the yarn held double.  Before felting it looks like quite a floppy mess.feltedAfter 2 hot washes and cold rinses in the machine it became a nice stiff fabric that had shrunk significantly.  I stretched the hat over a small mixing bowl and used clothespins and string to mold the hat into a cowboy hat shape.

After drying it should hold its shape quite nicely.  I’m looking forward to the final results!

Hat 61

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Hat 61 was made in a warehouse.  hat61I’ve been spending lots of time recently in a warehouse, or otherwise occupied with robotics related business.  This past week we saw the end of build season.  Our robot is now in a bag and we’re preparing for competition.

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