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And Then There Were 60

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Over the past few days since Christmas I’ve been hibernating.  It’s dark, and cold, and it’s cozy inside where I’m organizing things…cooking a bit…and knitting a lot.

Here are the hats that I’ve made over the past few days.  They have been made in preparation for the kickoff of the FIRST robotics build season (Jan 7th).  Our team is growing, and as such the new heads need new hats!

Hat #56 was started earlier in the month, but finished in the past few days.  The robot and number glow in the dark.

Hat #57 is a very stripey hat with bit of glow in the dark yarn in there somewhere.

Hat #58 is a little special.  It fits like a bucket hat, or a cow boy hat depending on how you fix the brim.  The brim is worked as an attached i-cord over a wire, so the hat can take on a variety of shapes.  This was a bit of an improvisational knitting task.  The original cast on edge which was going to be the brim ended up close to the crown of the hat.  Fingers crossed it will fit properly!Hat #59 is a more traditional hat, like the earlier versions…with robots knit right in.

Finally, hat #60 is knit in more subtle colours to suit the intended recipient.

I’m very much looking forward to handing out these hats on kickoff day!  For more information about our robotics team check out the K-Botics website and read the blog.

Holiday Knitting

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

I’m looking forward to wrapping up some of my recent knitting, but decided to take some pictures of things first.

The first is the Lotus Hat knit from a bamboo cotton blend.  I LOVE the turquoise colour, and how the lace pattern works out, particularly at the crown of the hat.  lotus hatThe stitch definition of the bamboo cotton blend is lovely, but next time I knit this hat I will knit it on circulars.  The yarn is slippery, and when the lace pattern falls off the needles it was often tricky to get all of the slipped stitches back on properly.  I absolutely love the pattern though, and it looks much more complicated than it really is.  I lengthened the hat a little because this is intended to be a chemo cap, so the extra bit of length can cover the entire head comfortably.  I’m not sure how the bamboo/cotton blend will last–it is not elastic like wool, so it might stretch with wear.  It is easy to care for though, machine wash and dry.

The second project, fresh off the needles tonight is a pair of mittens.  These are the Spruce Mittens, from the Fox and Geese and Fences pattern book by Robin Hansen.  mittensThese particular mittens are knit in a dark brown and lighter brown wool (Georga wool, which is surprisingly soft and silky despite being 100% wool).  The cuff is seed stitch because I do not like to do a lot of ribbing.  I’m not sure who these mittens will be for–I took an informal poll at work today to see if they would suit both men and women, and the results were mixed.  What do you think?

If not clear from the picture, I’ve been busy with some baking and cookie decorating too!


Possum Mittens

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

100g of possum has slowly and steadily been turned into a pair of mittens.


This has been a very long process.  I’ve savoured knitting with such a luxurious yarn, so this has been the project that gets worked on when I’m in need of something warm and fuzzy to work on.possumThey are the warmest, lightest, softest pair of mittens I’ve ever created.  If you’d like to create some too, get your hands on some possum yarn.  Check out Possum Tales for a detailed look.

My pattern is, as usual, Fox and Geese by Robin Hansen

Hat #55

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

This hat is a particularly special hat.  It is the first hat that I’ve ever knit out of sock weight yarn.  It was an experiment in the scale of a pattern.  The very same robot charts look quite intricate on this hat!

robotsIt is knit out of superwash merino wool, and it is so soft, warm, and stretchy.  All the additional time and care were definitely worth it!  I think that this hat will be worn lots, and appreciated for the warmth and care and time invested.  I look forward to see this hat on the head of a smiling K-Bot soon!