Super Power Bracelets

This week has been a rather intense one.  Some people I know are wrestling with issues of life and death, future and past, questioning what’s going on in their life and wondering how to deal with their circumstances.  In many cases there’s nothing that I can do to help them solve their problems.  In many cases all I can do is listen.  Sometimes that doesn’t really feel like I’m DOING anything.

I’ve spent quite a few hours this week making super power bracelets.  These are rather simple macrame projects with beads that glow in UV light (eg. sunlight).  To make them extra super power bracelets I’ve started to do macrame with glow in the dark yarn.

It surprises me how much a friendship bracelet or “super power” bracelet means to people.  Many people wear them until they fall off, and some even request a replacement when that happens.  It’s a reminder, I suppose, that someone out there cares.

Everyone needs to be reminded sometimes, that someone out there is looking out for them.

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