Polls are open Monday October 25th 2010 for municipal elections across Ontario.  Between the hours of 10AM and 8PM bring your ID to your polling station [Kingston poll finder], and VOTE!  In Kingston last time, less than 40% of eligible voters actually voted.

If you still are looking for information, check out the following sites.
Local Candidates for Mayor John Last, Kevin Lavalley, Nathan Wilson from Run This Town, Mark Gerretsen, Barrie Chalmers, and Rob Matheson

ETA:  I voted at 5:00 PM tonight.  I was impressed to see a line up all the way out the door at my poling station.  I was disappointed that there were no “I VOTED” stickers….I had seen some people wearing them today.  Maybe you need to vote early to get them….maybe it was just on campus..

Maybe if people get stickers for voting more of them will show up at the polls on election day.  Stickers certainly motivated people to study hard for tests in grade school.