Pattern: Bella’s Eclipse Hat

In the middle of Eclipse, during the tent scene, I found myself reaching for pen and paper to jot down the design for Bella’s striped hat.  I paused, realizing what a geek this action made me, but continued to write furiously, until I had figured out most of the striped pattern.

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For some reason, this picture shows the hat in green and white stripes, but in the movie I’d swear it looked more grey.  In any case, I came home and rummaged through my stash, and came up with this design.

Here’s the pattern, in case you’d like to make your own. [Ravelry]

click to get .pdf pattern

Bella’s Eclipse Hat

Needles: Size 4.5mm – 5.5mm DPN (what ever size you need to achieve gauge)

Yarn: grey and white worsted weight yarn

Gauge: 4.5 sts per inch

Cast On 88 stitches in grey.

Join in the round, being careful not to twist. Work 2 inches of K1, P1 ribbing.
Knit 5 rows white
Knit 3 rows grey
Knit 2 rows white
Knit 1 row grey
Knit 3 rows white
Knit 5 rows grey
Knit 2 rows white
Knit 3 rows grey
Knit 1 row white
Knit 2 rows grey
Knit 3 rows white

Working in grey yarn only begin decreases:
(K9, K2tog) around. 80 sts remain
K round (K8, K2tog) around. 72 sts remain
K round
(K7, K2tog) around. 64 sts remain
K round
(K6, K2tog) around. 56 sts remain
K round
(K5, K2tog) around. 48 sts remain
(K4, K2tog) around. 40 sts remain
(K3, K2tog) around. 32 sts remain
(K2, K2tog) around. 24 sts remain
(K1, K2tog) around. 16 sts remain
K2tog around. 8 sts remain
Break yarn and draw through remaining stitches. Weave in all ends.

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  • swatchless

    Glad you like the pattern! I’m sure it will be almost as warm as a werewolf :)

  • Rachel O'Donnell

    Ahhh. the tent scene – I was thinking the same thing as soon as I saw Bella's hat! Thank you for posting the pattern… Do you think this hat will keep you as warm as a werewolf? hehe!

  • swatchless

    It’s hard to follow the movie AND count rows! Thanks for the tip about the City Tweed knitpicks yarn; I’ll have to check it out.

  • Jeanne Humphrey

    Thank you for fleshing out the pattern for this hat! I was like you in the movie theatre, writing down what I was seeing on my napkin and counting rows as fast as I could when the shots were on the hat :) I thought it was more than 2 inches for the main color ribbing so I made mine 2-1/2″ and it looks just like her wide brim. I found some tweedy yarn at that looks just like the hat, called City Tweed.
    Sure appreciate your posting the pattern.

  • Lemons102193

    Thank you so much for the pattern! As soon as I saw the hat in the movie (yesterday), I NEEDED it. I'm not that great at knitting, but I'm going to practice until I can make this. Today I'm going to but some yarn in the right colors to make it. Thanks again!

  • swatchless

    if you have any questions about the pattern, just let me know. I’m happy to help.

  • Sandra Pace

    Thanks SO much for the pattern! Nothing better than Twilight and knitting… I too was looking for a pattern for this and trying to flesh out my own (as in how many stripes in this color?). I found that Red Heart (although not my fave yarn) has two colors that seem to match the movie pictures I have of this hat PERFECTLY: Aran Fleck (4313) and Frosty Green Fleck (4361). Thanks again!!!!!!!

  • swatchless

    Cool, Thanks for the heads up on the red heart yarn! Hope you like knitting the hat as much as I did.

  • Karin

    Awesome! Thank you.

  • Tortoisesarego

    I am so glad I was not the only one that was thinking of knitting when I saw that hat. I also agree with you about the colour, I am sure it was grey and an off White that had some grey flecks in. It's very difficult to find a picture of it other than the one you have above that shows it as green! Roll on the DVD release.

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  • Kathy C

    This is so funny. My daughter and I watched Eclipse together and I saw the hat Bella was wearing and thought, “I could make that!” So I went into the yarn shop and asked the woman if she had the pattern for the Bella cap in Eclipse. She went into a closet where their computer was, Goggled “Bella” and there it was! How amazing is that??? Thanks for providing the pattern…..It’s going to make us both very happy! Kathy C.

  • Laholton

    thanks! I loved the hat as well…and would love to knit it!

    I often look for knitting patterns when I see them in movies!!

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  • Jules

    thank you so much!!! I’m a late comer to the Twilight Saga and just watched all movies and read all 4 books (15 days) ha! right before Breaking Dawn!  I love this hat and did the same thing you did.  Started looking at the pattern.  I just make up hat patterns all the time so I figure I would just try something. I really want to find the yarn that similar to her’s because I do like green.  I believe it was green, that’s Kristen’s favorite color!  ha!  Thanks again!!!

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