Black Bean Dye Day 3

Today I was up early checking on the wool that was hung out to dry overnight.  It was surprisingly blue!!

left: sock weight superwash, right: aran weight 100% wool

Here, just to compare the before and after shots:  the middle skein is the original cream coloured “just off the sheep” look.  The one to the right is the lichen coloured result of dyeing with black beans then dipping the wool in ammonia afterwards.  The one on the left is the slate-blue colour that is just the black bean dye.

I have yet to try an acidic after-dyeing treatment, I wonder if it will make it purple.  Perhaps black-bean juice could be used as a pH indicator!  Who said chemistry class isn’t useful….

I couldn’t think about chemistry for very long though, because under that bench, the pigeons were making a bit of a flap.  Bernice has learned to use her wings….one at least, as I quickly learned.  Here’s the video:

Future videos will be taken from slightly farther away!  Who knows when I’ll end up with a face full of pigeon….yikes!

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