Putting Away The Holidays

It seems like Christmas was ages ago.  Trees are now being thrown out, decorations have been carefully put away, and gifts are now being put to good use.

This year I was surprised and very happy to receive this beautiful ornament made by Candra.  I’ve examined the construction, and it appears to be a glass ball ornament, painted to represent the globe, suspended from a pair of painted chopstick knitting needles.  The world is decorated with “Knit The World” written in many languages.  Such a thoughtful, handmade gift will be treasured for years to come.

This ornament came with a gorgeous skein of Cascade 220 hand-dyed to a shade of pale green, and a story of a chance encounter in Wool-Tyme when Candra and I were both there, secretly buying gifts for each other at the same time.  We both recently had a good giggle when we realized what went on that day.

Did you get any great knitting gifts?

I am enjoying my new knitting journal given to me by a colleague.  Between the covers of the notebook are sheets of paper/graph paper, and reference materials that are proving very useful for sketching my new pattern ideas, and keeping track of my current projects.

A used copy of the book, Glorious Colour by Kaffe Fassett, has been a good resource for interesting colour combinations.  I’m sure I’ll continue to flip through it from time to time when looking for design inspiration.

Knitting bobbins are another thing that I’m thanking Santa for.  These will save me hours of frustrating untangling time when I’m knitting with several colours.  Contrast colours are wound onto the bobbins, and can hang inside/behind the work-in-progress until they are used.  Anything that saves me time and frustration is very welcome!

What knitting toys did Santa bring you?

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  • Paula – Buenos Aires

    Cool, thoughtful gifts. Enjoy them! :)