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Knitting For A Newborn

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

This weekend, friends of mine became parents, and I started knitting!  The news of the healthy baby and happy family had me digging through some of the stash to find some old fashioned Astra yarn that I had found at a thrift store a while ago.  When knitting for a baby, machine washable yarns are a definite plus!

My new favourite baby bonnet pattern is the Top Down Bonnet with Anime Character {Ravelink} by Adrian Bizilia.  I have made this bonnet with the ears and face before for a Japanese friend of mine.

This time I made the bonnet without the face and ears.  It’s amazing….a totally new and different hat.

I enjoy how the stripes join up with each other along the line of increases.

This bonnet did not use up ALL of my stash, so I have cast on for a top down raglan sleeve sweater to match (blue with yellow stripes), and there might be enough left for booties too!

The wonderful thing about knitting for a new baby is that projects are small and manageable, and they look SO cute!

What’s your favourite thing to knit for a new baby?

My Battle Days Are Done…

Friday, January 29th, 2010

It is with great regret that I announce my death…..

Tonight there was a pair of beautiful socks in my mail box.  They are purple and stripey and so soft and comfy! This is the first pair of hand knit socks I have ever been given, and I will treasure them.  I’ve noticed that knitters don’t often get hand knit gifts for some reason….

Thanks so much to warrior “suckittrebek” for the fine knitting, and the yummy chocolate!  I’m glad (and a little concerned) that you enjoyed killing a Canadian so much.

Pattern:  Don’t Box Me In

Yarn:  Bamboo & Ewe Pattern, superfine wool/bamboo blend yarn (55% wool, 30% nylon, 15% rayon from bamboo)

I came home tonight, with FREEZING toes (it’s -25 C with windchill tonight).  I tried on my new socks, and put my feet up for a bit. I might get a chance to do a little knitting of my own before I go to sleep.

It’s been quite a day!

Auctioned Mittens

Friday, January 29th, 2010

About two years ago I knit these Magnificent Mittens (5-1 Mitten, by Anna Zilboorg) to be auctioned off to benefit the local school board’s “Food Sharing Project”.  I was able to borrow a copy of Anna Zilboorg’s book from our local library and had fun looking at the amazing and intricate patterns.  I knit these out of Brigg’s and Little Tuffy wool.  It made me feel good to be able to do something to support such an important local initiative.

The annual Talents & Treasures Auction goes a long way in supporting the Food Sharing Project. It raises much needed funds to provide approximately 3,500 students, daily, in about 80 sites in the Limestone District School Board and the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board with the nutrition they need to be successful students.

The 2010 Auction is taking place tonight.  It’s always a good show, with a great variety of items to bid on.  Bring your friends!

Auction Details:

The public is invited to attend the Talents & Treasures Live and Silent Auction Friday, January 29th at Bayridge Secondary School, 1059 Taylor Kidd Blvd. Doors open at 6 p.m. for the preview and to begin bidding on Silent Auction items. There will be raffles, silent auctions, and the live auction, with Gordon’s Estate Services, which starts at 7 p.m. Admission is $3 per person or $5 for two persons, with complimentary refreshments. VISA, Mastercard, Interac, cash and/or cheques will be accepted.

Time for Haiku

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Today is one of those days….actually this week is one of those weeks….it seems like there aren’t enough hours for all the things that have to get done. I’ve been having fun though, spending a lot of time after work helping the K-Botics team build a robot!

In short….No time to knit.

I did have time to write a HAIKU about a sad mitten I saw in the parking lot tonight.

Dark and very cold,
A lone mitten on the ground
Is missing its mate

Watch out folks…it’s cold out there!  -22 C tomorrow.  Keep hold of BOTH your mittens.

Getting Ready For The Olympics

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
Oh my goodness, this is going to be fun!
I just had a look on Ravelry to see what’s going on for the Ravelympics.  I am trying to decide what events I will join.  You see, unlike the regular Olympics where most athletes will compete in only one sport, in the Ravelympics you can compete in multiple events….you are constrained only by the amount of time between the opening and closing ceremonies….and the other things in your life that you have to fit in during your non-knitting hours.
My continued loyalty is to Team Canada, but there are tonnes of teams to choose from, and not just countries….there’s a Team Bacon, a Team CrankyPants, a Team Korean Drama Addicts, a Team Middle-Earth, a Team Too-Busy, a Team Whatever, and even a Team Zombie Slayers….so no matter who you are, or what you do, there’s a team for you!

Here’s the list of events from ravelry

  • Aerial Unwind eventaerial (Frog those poor unloved projects to reclaim that yarn. (This event only: requires a WIP or FO pic and frog pile pic)
  • Bag Jump eventbagjump (Bags, totes, pouches)
  • Beading Biathlon eventbead (All things beaded and embellished)
  • Bobsled eventbobsled (All things pets)
  • Cable Cross-Country eventcable (All things cables)
  • Charity Curling eventcharity (Projects for charity)
  • Designer Biathlon eventdesignerbiathlon (From a swatch to published pattern in 17 days sample completed and pattern released on ravelry – swatching allowed before torch lit)
  • Designer Original Dance eventdesignerdance (Create your own design sample from scratch in 17 days {swatching allowed before torch lit}; pattern need not be written])
  • Designer Pattern Skeleton eventdesignerpattern (Create a publishable pattern (sample can be already knit); do what you feel is necessary to produce a publishable pattern testing, editing, etc)
  • Downhill Dyeing eventdyeing (dyeing yarns – this will only create stash)
  • Felting Freestyle eventfelting (All things felting and fulled)
  • Fleece to FO Long-Track eventfleece (Start with fleece or roving and create a finished object)
  • Flying Camel Spin eventflyingcamel (Just spinning…lots and lots of spinning)
  • Free Dance eventfreedance (Don’t fit into any other event? This is for you)
  • Giant Slalom-ghan eventgiantslalomghan (Afghan, blankets, throws)
  • Hat Halfpipe eventhathalfpipe (All things hats and heads)
  • Holiday Jump-Start Skiing eventholiday (Projects to be gifted/given in Dec 2010 and holiday-themed items)
  • Junior Olympics eventjunior (garments/accessories for kids and babies {toys have their own event})
  • Labyrinth Weaving eventweaving (All things woven)
  • Lace Luge eventlaceluge (Lace patterns and laceweight yarns)
  • Mittens Moguls eventmittenmoguls (Mittens, gloves, anything that covers hands/wrists/arms)
  • Nordic Colorwork Combined eventnordiccolorwork (Colorwork, intarsia, fair isle)
  • Platter Lift eventplatter (Home and décor projects)
  • Samalog Machine Skate eventsamalog (Machine knitting)
  • Scarf Super-G eventsuperg (Scarves, cowls, neckwarmers, smokerings, scarflettes…all things neck)
  • Short Track Shawls eventshorttrackshawls (Shawls, stoles, wraps, shawlettes)
  • Single Skein Speed Skate eventspeedskate (Projects of just one skein/hank)
  • Skelegurumi eventskelegurumi (Toys and amigurumis)
  • SnowCross eventsnowcross (Projects that combine knitting, crochet, needle-felting, embroidery, sewing …; minimum of 2 crafts combined together)
  • Sock Hockey eventsockhockey (All things socks and slippers)
  • Stash Compulsory Dance eventstashdance (Use of long-neglected stash purchased at least 1 year ago)
  • Sweaterboard Cross eventsweaterboard (All forms of sweaters, vests, cardis, pullovers, boleros)
  • WIPs-Dancing eventwipsdancing (WIPs/UFOs and only these; Projects not touched since Jan 12th)
A single project can compete in multiple events….so I’ve got some thinking to do.  I would like to use up some of my fleece, so I think I’ll be signing up for the Fleece to FO Long-Track, the Flying Camel Spin, perhaps the Downhill Dyeing and then comes the hard part.

What should I make with my handspun?

I think I’ll sleep on it for a while.  There are still 16 days before we all need to cast-on!

What event are you going to compete in for these Ravelympics?

Resolution FAIL!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I had the best of intentions….I was just going to Wool-Tyme to drop off my sample of illusion knitting for the class I’m teaching in April.  I had no plans to buy ANYTHING.

The store had several customers, and as I waited for the store clerk to be free, I wandered around looking at patting the yarn.

I should have known better than to approach the discount table.  I CAN’T refuse a good discount.  Specially when it is on lovely chunky blue merino alpaca silk…..

This yarn was worth breaking my “knit-from-stash” resolution.  I got 3 skeins….and saved 8 bucks….so that sort of makes me feel better.

Yarn:  Sulka (60% merino wool, 20% Alpaca, 20% Silk) 50g/50m

It is so soft and fluffy.  In these skeins are so many possibilities….so much promise….

What would you make out of it?

Variations On A Theme

Monday, January 25th, 2010

See what happens when you get going on an idea??  I’ve been playing with illusion knitting these days in preparation for the class I’m teaching at Wool-Tyme.

Here’s an idea I’ve been working on for Valentine’s day…

A lover’s mitten…perfect for hand holding.

more photos and pattern details will be released shortly.

Sockwars Assassination Complete!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Today I heard from my target (#180 – Sybil).  She is DEAD!  The mail got there way faster than the post office man said….he guaranteed it would take LONGER than 7 business days, but it took shorter than 5.  She is happy with her socks!  :)

The image above comes from the leaderboard which gets updated with more deaths daily.  The issue that I have now is that my target has already assassinated her target (#181 -TakesNoPrisoners), who has assassinated her target (#182 -Termiknitter) who has assassinated her target (#183 -The Full-Contact Knitter).

So….I’m trying to contact #183, to find out where their socks are.  If they have not been finished, they should get mailed to me.  If they have been finished then #184 will also be dead, and their socks should be mailed to me.  #183’s socks may also be in transit in their unfinished form to #182 who should then mail them to me.

I have contacted the head of the competition for the contact information of these knitters, and we’ll see what happens next.  I’m just excited that #178 (suckittrebek in NM) has not mailed socks to me yet, so I’m still alive (until I check the mail on Monday at least!)

Yay sockwars!

Note:  I also found out by stalking the sockwars ravelry group that another warrior is from Kingston….I met her at WoolTyme….this could get VERY interesting!  hahaha….

Is it a bad sign that I want to hand deliver a pair of death socks?

Illusion Knitting Class

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

No….I’m not knitting a candy cane…..

This is a sample of illusion knitting that I made to be on display at Wool-Tyme.  This technique simply requires you to knit and purl.  It looks very plain when viewed from above, but far more impressive when seen on an angle.

If you are in Kingston, and want to learn how to knit your own illusions, I’m going to be teaching a class on April 24th.  Beginners welcome!!

Contact Anne at Wool-Tyme Kingston to sign up!

Wool Tyme

Address:725 Gardiners Rd. Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 3Y5

Phone:  613-384-3951

I’m trying to think of some other motifs to hide in my knitting….Illusion hearts are perfect for this time of year with Valentine’s day just around the corner.

What image would you like to hide in your knitting?

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

These socks, knit by my aunt, were a work in progress since the summer.  They are knit in a very fine fingering weight wool, with corrugated ribbing at the top.  She brought them out for me to see….and ask for advice about what to do.

You see, one sock is considerably longer than the other.  They are impeccably finished, toes grafted and ends woven in….but one foot is still about an inch shorter than the other.

How could this happen??  Let’s think a minute….

Have you ever stretched a sock out to measure it?  Do you ever knit while watching TV, movies, or reading a book?  Do you ever ignore a mistake that you’re making, hoping that it will all be fine if you just keep going?  Do you ever knit one sock, then knit the other a month later after you forget how long you made the first sock?

I’m not sure how she ended up with socks like this, but she was asking me how to remedy the situation.

My gut instinct was to try on both socks, decide which one fits, and rip back the other sock to the start of the toe decreases, and re knit the toe.

She is more gutsy than me….her plan was to cut the toe off the shorter sock, and pick up the stitches, knit an extra inch and a toe.

What would you do?  Are you brave enough to cut your knitting?